Best Websites for Fitness & Nutrition

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As I finish up creating the strength training, flexibility & nutrition plans for my”Couch to 35″ plan, I thought I’d share some of the best sites out there (that I’ve found, anyway) for fitness, nutrition, etc.  I’ll post others as I discover and use them. 🙂

For Specifics on Exercise Demos & Images

One the sites I’ve used most in the past has been Fitness Training at Home.  This site offers various tips, images of specific exercises, etc., as well as multiple of laid-out plans for specific fitness regimens.  Want to know how to do an exercise at home?  They probably have it listed.

Another top site for this, in my opinion, is My Home Personal Trainer.  This site offers calendars, training programs, calculators, daily exercise demos (you can also subscribe to receive daily tips, articles & exercise demos), etc.  Great site for determining exactly how many minutes it takes to burn how many calories, etc.

For Nutrition

I have found Calorie Count to be extremely helpful for keeping track of in-take, as well as learning a lot about nutrition, recipes, etc.  Great forums, as well.

Blog, etc. by Shereen Jegtvig on Nutrition (great posts, tips, recipes and more).

Want to know how many calories you burn?  Try this Calorie Calculator.

For Daily/Weekly Tips, Programs, Etc. has many of these to offer.  Special faves include blogs by Christine Luff for running/jogging, Wendy Bumgardner for walking & weight-loss and Paige Waehner for exercise in general and weight-loss.

For Fun Ways to Stay Motivated

Map My Fitness is a great site, full of challenges, contests, etc.  Easy to keep track of your exercise activities, etc.

Or how about a virtual walk across America?  Enter your distances gone each time you exercise and see where you’d be on the trail if you could actually literally walk across America.


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