Another Day, Another Year

English: Balanced Diet

The first day of the year holds many promises–many resolutions.  This year, for me, my resolution is not to make resolutions.  My year, rather, holds goals instead.  I have 10 goals for the year–some very personal, some physical, some for my writing and others for my ministry and relationships.

Health Goals for 2012

1. Complete the “Couch to 35 in 12 weeks” plan

2. Bike & walk approximately 1,200 miles for More Than a Walkabout (from Key West, Florida to Lubec, Maine) in 4 months or less

3. Lose weight through healthy eating & exercise–NOT a diet!

4. Walk, bike, jog or do some other physical activity 6+ days per week (even if only a short distance)

How I Will Accomplish My Goals

In order to meet any goal, one must have a plan, so here are some simple things I intend to do to help myself reach those goals.

1. Couch to 35–follow the plan (cardio, strength, flexibility & nutrition plan)

2. More Than a Walkabout–Stick to it!  Keep motivated through the support of family, friends and online community.  Keep track of my miles covered daily (both during training & during the actual event)

3. Lose Weight–

  • Weigh in today
  • Go to My Home Personal Trainer & enter weight, height & other measurements to determine the number of calories I actually need to eat each day at the activity level for the day
  • Go to the Calorie Calculator and calculate number of calories burned during each activity & aim for the proper amount of exercise on my loosely scheduled days to burn enough calories
  • Consistently weigh in (weekly or daily) & make adjustments to caloric intake based upon weight and energy output to make sure I eat enough, but not too much
  • While following nutritional plan, adjust portions & food types into a healthier, better-balanced diet than I currently consume–making it a LIFESTYLE thing, not a diet!  BUT do it in step downs, rather than try to go “cold turkey,” etc. and without eliminating my favorite foods.
  • Go to Water Calculator and learn how much water I need to drink each day.  Then drink that amount or more, and avoid caffeine and other diuretics as much as possible.

4. Physical activity 6+ Days–Determine the plan for each week–what physical activity will I do each day?  BUT stay flexible in that plan (my life changes constantly)

Did You Make Resolutions or Goals for the New Year?  What Steps Will You Take to Meet Those Goals/Keep Those Resolutions?


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