Can I Have My Bike Back, Please?

Marin MTB
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I learned to ride a bicycle at the age of 3, much to the chagrin of my 5-year-old brother who could not believe I learned at the same time as him.  But I have not spent a lot of time on bikes since I was a middle schooler.  Because then my family relocated into the middle of a forest of North Florida, and the highway was only a mile away, and therefore not particularly tempting for the awkward, slightly off-balance teenager I had become.

Today is the first bicycling day of my Couch to 35.  I’m both excited and not at all excited about it.  Excited because I love doing new things (even if they’re more like RE-doing something old),  I love being active, and feel better when I am consistently active…  But I’m not at all excited about it because I have to go pick the bike up from the other side of town (45 minute drive), and put the thing back together…  I had actually anticipated spending my summer in Sydney, Australia biking around, but discovered that I couldn’t ship the bike for the price I had budgeted for the venture, so it got left behind.  But, well, a little annoyance is no price at all to pay for the benefits I’ll receive for making the effort of getting it back together and in working order once again!

Plus, I’ll be clearing my strength training space out today… 🙂  That’s been needing done for way too long, anyhow…  Hurray for one major goal FORCING a “cousin goal” to get accomplished (coined by Jon Acuff)!

Anyhow…here’s to Day Three of the New Year!

What are you doing TODAY to push forward in your goals/resolutions for the year?


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