Today’s Tip: Be Flexible

We were unloading the bikes from the bike rack...
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All right, so not only should you plan ahead before your workouts, but you need to check all of your equipment.  I had to borrow my mother’s bike today to get my ride in before picking up my bike this evening, but she apparently hasn’t ridden it in a while.  The gears kept sticking the first half mile!  So, before I even got half way done with the ride, I was totally exhausted and, therefore, did not reach my goal distance for the day.  I had to turn back before I wanted to.  But I didn’t beat myself up over it.  Things happen.

But, that means I need have some flexibility, to adjust.  It will take longer for me to build up to biking 35 miles than it will building back to walking 10 miles.  So, this week and next, I will knock off a day of walking and replace it with biking to build up that stamina.  I will also double-check those gears on MY bike when I get it back tonight, to make sure they’re in full working order!

What are some ways you’ve had to show some flexibility when your workouts didn’t go as planned?


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