For Whom Do You Eat?

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(I realize that not everyone that reads my blog is a follower of Christ or a fan of the Bible, but there are principles in it that I think everyone can benefit from, so bear with me, please.)

Today, I was reviewing an old diary entry about health, fitness, nutrition, etc. and came across the following verse.  “And when you eat and when you drink, do you not eat for yourselves and drink for yourselves?” (Zechariah 7:6, English Standard Version)

There’s a lot of stuff out there about making your health plans for YOU and you alone.  While in some ways I agree (for example, I shouldn’t lose weight just because I want to attract a mate), I also realize that my weight and health habits affect those around me, and the work that I do, which also affects others.  If I can get down to my ideal weight, eat healthy and stay fit and active, I will have more energy and physical flexibility, as well as increase my probability of a longer lifespan.  More energy means an increase in productivity.  More physical flexibility means more things I can do in my career (I’m a performing artist).  Longer lifespan means more time to influence the world for good, and more time with loved ones.

Think about the people around you before taking that extra serving.  Is healthy living really worth sacrificing for the momentary pleasure of that extra icing or larger than needed portion of potatoes?  (Not to say occasional indulgence is wrong.)

So, while you make your plans to improve your own life, use the driving force that if you’re healthy and fit, you can influence others for good longer and with more vibrancy than when you’re feeling sluggish, slow and unhappy (most likely, if you’re trying to lose weight, you feel these things).  Visualize your loved ones every time you sit down to table, and perhaps you won’t overeat.  And, perhaps, you will eat healthy.

What are some ways in which your life will be improved once the healthy eating habits are established in your life and the weight comes off?


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