All Right…Finally, the Flexibility Plan

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I finally pulled out my old college (uni) fitness book that has some of the best stretching exercises I’ve seen and pieced together the flexibility plan.

Please note: these stretches are different from pre-workout & post-workout stretching.  For pre-workout stretching, I use dynamic stretches (such as trunk twists, leg swings, arm swings, etc.), and post-workout stretches include some full-body static stretches, but mostly targeted muscle groups that were used most heavily during workout.

This is not really on a set schedule, as it were, but more of a basic “these are the exercises I will do” kind of format (as my flexibility will increase at an unpredictable rate).  SO…here they are:

10 minutes 6-7 days per week–upon first waking up (before devotions, breakfast or anything else)

For neck:

  • Lateral head tilt (I have to be careful with this one because of my head injury–slowly increase the use of this one to build the stamina of my equilibrium)
  • Head roll (same issues as above)

For arms/shoulders:

  • Arm circles
  • Shoulder stretches
  • Tricep stretches

For core & back:

  • Side stretch
  • Body rotation
  • Single knee to chest stretch
  • Upper and lower back stretch
  • Back extension
  • Cat stretch

For glutes/hips:

  • Adductor stretch
  • Gluteal stretch
  • Hip flexors stretch
  • Trunk rotation and lower back stretch

For legs:

I will not, of course, do all exercises every day, but most days I will try.  And why am I starting off with them before anything else?  To get the muscles stretched and relaxed, to get the blood flowing, etc.  I will pair this with 5-10 minutes of calisthenics, as well, since doing my full work-out first thing is not an option.  The combination should increase my physical activity and metabolism for the day, even if I have to wait until 3:00 or 4:00pm to do my full workouts.  Plus, I’ll just feel better all day.

Want instructions for any of these?  Just let me know.

What are some short routines you use to warm up your body in the morning?  What are some of your favorite stretching exercises?


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