Forget Fast Food: Eat Friend Food!

An assortment of food dishes at a church potluck.
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(Don’t worry, I’m not talking cannibalism.  I promise!)

Nearly every Sunday, a group of my friends gets together for lunch.  We meet up at some restaurant, and enjoy heaps of chatter while we shovel food into our mouths.  Many of you may have heard the old joke about the children in class being asked to bring something that represents their religion.  The Jewish kid brings a star of David, a Muslim kid brings a copy of the Quran, and the Baptist kid brings a casserole dish…  Sometimes, it feels like it’s true!  When we Baptists say “Fellowship” we usually automatically wonder what covered dish we’re supposed to bring… But the reality is that many non-religious or churched people enjoy keeping company with friends over FOOD.  There is just something about good food that unites people.  But most restaurants serve high-sodium, high-calorie foods.  My salad today, for example, apparently weighed in at 550 calories WITHOUT THE DRESSING.  About made me sick when I realized this.  I was eating LETTUCE for goodness’ sake!

So, our little group developed the plan for Friend Food today.  Instead of meeting at restaurants every Sunday, we’re going to meet at one of our houses.  Each week, we’ll plan the following week’s menu, the host will purchase the ingredients, and then all of us will pitch in the right amount when we show up, to equally share the burden of the cost.  And then I will cook.  I love trying out new recipes, especially if I can make them healthier than the originals.  So, I’m excited to enjoy conversations, food and new recipes with some of the people I most enjoy in the world, rotating between our homes.  We also already have ourselves booked in for cooking for a woman home-bound by cancer.

You may not have a built-in group of friends like mine that all know each other, but most likely you have some friends that enjoy eating…maybe its time to bring them together in your home (and then theirs!) for a healthy, cost-effective meal together!  Have some fun–try out new exotic recipes, or experiment a little on your own (I know I plan to!), and who knows?  Maybe you’ll even make some new friends as they invite their friends, family and neighbors to join you.  Feel free to put a time or guest limit, but move it around, enjoy each other’s homes and hospitality, and enjoy the flavor of saving!


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