Drama, Drama…and a Hot Shower At Last!

broken bike
Image by loungerie via Flickr

Well, the bike drama continues!  I got it back, took it to be put back together, and then to the repair shop to fix an issue that arose from being boxed for six months.  And then, today, we put the seat on.  And discovered we had the wrong stem for the specific saddle I need (I have a bad tailbone).  So, I used what we had, hopped on and made it about a mile and a half before the saddle I was on decided it was going to wobble.  It would not stay still for anything, so I had to give up and turn around!  And the next half mile, I was afraid I would crack my tailbone from the stupid seat shifting so much, suddenly.  Sadly, walked the bike back for the last mile.

Will the drama ever end?  Hopefully tomorrow!  We’re getting the stem for the correct seat, and I will work on the current seat to see if I can adjust the joint to make it more solid.  This could get interesting…ME, repairing something?  Yes.  You have my permission to laugh.

One piece of good news, though: we finally have a working hot-water heater again after a YEAR without!  (And let me just say it now–hot showers are NOT something to take for granted!!!)


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