Rehearsing/Memorize/Workout in One

Rehearsing (photo by Rita Juanita Mock)

It must be a rather odd sight–a 30-year-old woman walking along the road, pages in hand, muttered words escaping her lips, shaking fists, shaking head, shrugging shoulders, scowling brow, and the seemingly random shout of anger toward an imaginary audience.  But this is sometimes the scenery along the highway near my home, where I walk, bike or jog.

Of course, not everyone is an actor or singer, so rehearing while you walk may not be a great thing for you, but for those of us who have skills we need to work on constantly, this is a great multitasking thing.  Anything you need to memorize can be done while walking, running or whatever as well.  And, personally, for me, it makes the workouts go smoother–I feel less focused on taking that next step, and before I know it, I’m done!

So, my tip for the day: to help fight the mental battle of one-foot-after-another, find some project to work on WHILE working out.  Memorize that Bible verse, script, song lyric or whatever else you need to contemplate or know by heart.  Stuff the index card in your pocket, type into the memo app on your phone…whatever helps most.  Might as well do three things at once, right?  Distract yourself from your exhaustion, memorize or plan something and get your workout done.  One fell swoop.  Can’t beat that.



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  1. RitaJuanita says:

    Urgh…have NO IDEA what I did, but somehow published before I’d even completed any thoughts! Sorry!

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