Today’s Tip: Keep an Accomplishments Journal

Debbie Downer
Image via Wikipedia (don't be a Debbie Downer!)

(Saw this suggestion today from someone else.  Wanted to expand the concept though.)

Their idea was to keep a journal of accomplishments in your health goals.  Such as, at the end of each day writing down your highlights–ate right, drank enough water, worked out for 1 hour, or whatever.

I would like to add this to the suggestion, however: not only note your accomplishments, but using positive language, express the things you will change based upon the negatives from the day.  Ignoring poor behavior won’t bring about change in your life.

They recommend not writing what you did wrong, because of being a “Debbie Downer” as the old folks say.  But I think that, using positive language, writing your failures can help as well.  For example, instead of writing “Didn’t work out today.  I am a loser,” write, “Drank 120 oz. of water, ate healthy meats and natural, homemade bread, under my calorie max for an inactive day. Accomplished multiple chores around the house, did excellent at work, and enjoyed the company of good friends.   Allowed myself to put off my workout today, and it got dark before I could get out there.  So, tomorrow, I will choose to workout BEFORE my day-job.”

So, today’s “Accomplishment Journal” entry for me goes like this:

Enjoyed a sleep-in time for the holiday, though did not wake up feeling rested.  Will use a blindfold tonight to help block out light to hopefully add a few more hours of sleep to “catch up” tomorrow.  Did some mild stretching, which felt great.  Enjoyed a half of a yummy blueberry bagel and green tea for breakfast.  Lunchtime we spent with the music pastor and his wife, watching my favorite movie “The Legend of 1900,” complete with Gail’s delicious chicken salad sandwiches and 1.5 apples.  Enjoyed having their little poodle, Pippin, sit in my lap for a while as well–rather relaxing.  Felt a bit faint later on, so rested most of the afternoon and relaxed–but it’s a holiday, so why not?  Ate a tasty (though high calorie) dinner–my “Crescent Bake,” with more green tea a couple of glasses of water, and 2 tangerines.  All in all, a decent day.  Tomorrow, I will do a longer stretching session, as well.  Hopefully that will continue to increase my flexibility (which has been better since doing stretches this past week), and continue relaxing me each morning before my days begin.  I will also start taking Claritin, Lutein and Cranberry supplements starting tomorrow to help me feel better, and to help prevent the macular degeneration that runs in my family.

Have any suggestions for keeping an accomplishments journal?  Let us know your best ideas/tips!


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