Accomplishment Journal: January 19

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These actions steps really make a lot of difference.  Of course, only a few days have passed since I started them, but I am excited to see all the steps I’ll take this year to become healthier, stronger and fitter, and ready for More Than a Walkabout this April!

Accomplishments for January 19:

Went to bed a little earlier, which inspired an action step for another day…but this day’s action step was increasing the water in-take to 96oz. (12 8oz. glasses) per day.  I had been consistently drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day, but at my weight and activity level, I should be drinking a minimum of 130 oz. of water per day.  I didn’t do so well in some other areas, but those things really showed me some other action steps I must take.  So, I have also begun an action step list.  I already have forty steps laid out, with more brewing around inside.  Maybe I will have a new action step each day after all, especially as these are each health related, and don’t even touch on the writing, ministry, spiritual growth, etc. areas of my life!

And with each step I take, I get that much closer to successfully making the 1200+ mile bike/walk between Key West, FL & Lubec, ME this April to July.

To learn how many ounces of water you should be drinking each day, try this Water Calculator.


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