Breathe Deeply, My Dear…

Cessna 180
Image by pvera via Flickr (Jerrie Mock's Cessna 180, the Spirit of Columbus, in which she flew around the world)

Well, today was an altogether delightful and odd day.  Well, maybe not altogether odd.  No, wait.  It was.  This day was spent by me, so it was odd.

Okay, moving on…

Enjoyed tea time with an inspiring lady (a woman in her 80s, who is active, writes novels, directs dramas, etc.), and then spent the second weekly session interviewing the First Woman to Fly Around the World–Jerrie Mock (who happens to be my Grandma), another inspiring lady.  And though I was unable to do any physical training for the Walkabout, I did spend some time in mental training.  It took my grandma 29 years of dreaming before she got to fly around the world.  And when she had dreamed that, she hadn’t expected to be the first of anything.  And yet she was.  And Merry Llew spent 79+ years waiting to have a book published, and yet she handed me a copy of her book “The Bag Lady” today, complete with her autograph and personal note.  If a 40-year-old housewife can fly around the world solo, and an 80+-year-old lady can get her first book published, then I should also be able to accomplish pretty much anything–least of all, a little 1200 mile walk/bike for missions.

Accomplishment journal & action step: January 20

Living with asthma is a bigger deal for most than me–mine is mild, and rarely causes problems…except in singing (which is a big deal in musical theater!).  So today, my action step was to find breathing exercises to increase my lung capacity and to gain a better understanding of breathing problems, etc.  I will start those exercises tomorrow.

Here’s what I found:

Got any other good sites for breathing exercises?


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