Bike Drama Finally Ends

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I finally, finally got my bike in complete working order! Only one minor mishap in the process–easily solved. My biking buddy (my mother), however was unable to ride, as HER bike had some issues with gear shifting…so we’re getting some oil this week to fix that! Next ride scheduled for Saturday, after Mugs ‘N Muffins (a women’s gathering at church) this weekend.

Accomplishments and Action Steps

January 21:

Had a fantastic circuit training workout, 30 minutes long. Started off rough, but got better as the minutes went on. And then got MUCH worse again—about 12 minutes in, I was ready to QUIT! But for some reason, I motivated myself to keep going, and I did—made it all the way to 30 minutes, my goal for the day. My heart rate was high much of the time, or in the “zone”—need to learn how long I should aim to be in each zone for the best results for my goals (weight-loss and endurance). Added this to my action steps for this week. Ate reasonably well, and did other activities, etc. Good day over all.

January 22:

Sundays I do not have time to workout, typically. We ate a healthy lunch (recipe coming soon), and enjoyed some great fellowship with a cancer patient shut-in from our church—one of my dearest friends. It was such a privilege to come into her home and cook for her and her family (as well as others that joined us) for Friend Food. I resisted the temptation to overeat or eat the desserts offered at Bible class (we Baptists DO know our junk food—we even make veggies unhealthy by wrapping them in BACON), and stayed under caloric limit that night—so lots of progress there! Over all, a good day.

January 23:

Had a lovely tea-time with Merry Llew again. However, I don’t believe her when she said that food at her home had no calories. 😉 We enjoyed sugar-less, non-caffeinated tea as well, so that was good in THAT respect. Did my stretching, and FINALLY got my bike in complete working order! So I got a 6 mile, 12mph bike ride in (31 minutes of actual riding), and 2 hours of singing at praise team practice (which burns twice as many calories as sleeping, haha). Action step: increase water-intake to 13 8oz. glasses of water. Actually blew this one away with 15 of them! Did 16 the day before! Without even trying particularly! Won’t force myself ahead to those numbers yet, though—baby steps are needed!

I was unable to take action steps most of these days, but added more to the list for future days.

How did YOU do this weekend?


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