Road Find of the Month Club

English: Trumpet mouthpiece front view large
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So, yesterday, I posted on facebook that I had made an unexpected find on my walk: the mouthpiece of a trumpet.  A friend commented, telling me of the “Road Find of the Month Club,” in which some of her friends took the most unusual, craziest or funniest “treasures” from their walks, jogs, etc. and then mailed them off to friends and family members with crazy song lyrics for accompaniment.  This idea tickles my weirdo-bone.  I don’t think I’ll mail off my treasures (after all, the mouthpiece was in a neighborhood, and some kid is probably looking for it, under orders by his mother), but maybe I’ll take photos, write some crazy poems and short stories and post them here.  As I make the 1200+ mile journey on More Than a Walkabout, I guarantee I’ll find some unique objects worthy of relating.

Want to join the club? All you need to do is take your own photos of the finds, and comment with them on my blog, along with stories, lyrics or whatever else you want to add!  And if you’re more net savvy than me, maybe you can post them to your own blog and link back or hashtag or whatever works back to this post and others to come.  I look forward to your finds!

Tuesday’s Accomplishments:

Had a great walk in the evening–though didn’t go as far as I intended to.  I started out too late, and it was dark when I got back as it is, which is a bad thing when you live in the woods!  Did not add an action step, but added some to the list for future dates.  Which means I need to DO an action step about now!  I didn’t drink enough water, but didn’t have to make pit stops nearly, which was nice for a change.  Not a good change, but, well, looking on the bright side here.  Quoted memory verses on my walk, created ideas for my other blog, figured out some details for the concerts I’m putting together for More Than a Walkabout, and more.  So, all-in-all, it was a really fantastic walk.  I also only just went over the caloric limit (less than 100 calories), so that went well.


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