Walking Like a Cowboy

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Accomplishments and Action Steps from the Weekend:

Saturday, I rode 10 miles–up 4 miles from Monday’s ride!  And let me tell you, my tooshie was NOT happy with me.  Narrow seats are not fun on “unseasoned” butts.  When I first got off, I was kind of walking like a cowboy…  But it felt great doing the ride!  And I quoted all but one of my memory verses during the ride (I couldn’t remember one), and ran out of verses for the way back.  Motivation to memorize more!  I ate fairly healthy the Friday and Sunday, but splurged on some cheeseburgers after the ride, since I was craving beef and was in too much pain (for other reasons) to cook when I got home.  I also drank enough water every day.  And I bought a new set of dumbbells (adjustable weights), but when I opened the box, I found that one of the discs was broken and some of the sand had come out!  So, I have to go return the thing tomorrow.  Not looking forward to that, but thus is life, eh?

My action steps included getting to bed earlier (went at 12:30 instead of 2:30–sad, I know), increase distance in biking, quote memory verses while riding and start consuming iron supplements one day per cycle (sorry for mentioning that guys) since I tend towards anemia, especially every 26 or so days…

Weekend highlight: Getting invited to start riding horses again!  The women’s ministry at my church had a get together on Saturday, and I sat at a table with a lady with a great sense of humor, a love of people, and 4 horses.  Totally stoked to get in this kind of saddle again!  I used to ride all the time (made my living with horses for a while even), and have missed it tremendously.  And, though I hadn’t “boldly” asked God to provide this opportunity, but rather in passing, He answered my prayers with this offer!  And I am STOKED.  And, since it’s been a while, I suspect I’ll really be walking like a cowboy shortly!

How was your weekend? What did you accomplish and who did you meet?


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