Today’s Tip: Try Something New

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I hate saying this aloud…but I’m one of those people that gets bored easily.  Some areas that seem like I would get so in, I don’t (like dietary–it takes me a couple of weeks before I get bored with foods–I owe this to my poor sense of taste or weak taste buds, if you will), but in others, I feel like two days is too long.

So, today, my action step is this: try something new.  I don’t mean, “go change my workout and diet to completely revamp my entire health world.”  I intend, instead, to add new things to my calendar, routines, etc. each week.  This week, I already tried out a new coffee shop, where I met with a friend, and made new friends while I was at it!  And I drove out to the end of the road on Tuesday and started biking from there, instead of starting from home like normal.  It was refreshing, even if I normally bike that section anyway.  I started from somewhere else, and that was good enough to make it more interesting.

So, try some new things each week.  A new restaurant, a new food with the source for some nutrient you’re lacking on, a new coffee blend, a new library, a new machine at the gym, a new book, a new activity with friends.  And, dare I say it, something you KNOW you’ll be bad at!  I can paint make-up on for stage, and create pretty much anything, and I can type–that’s about all these hands are good for.  But I think I might do some drawing this week, just for fun…to laugh at how awful it is maybe..but to do something new.  Mental health is as important as physical health (and can improve the physical!), so don’t just concentrate on bettering the body!

What are some new things you can try out this week?

Accomplishments and action steps from Mon-Wed:

Monday–I attempted to walk 6 miles, but then realized I was going to be late for a meeting.  So I did intense interval training instead.  Flat out runs with walks.  Whew!  So exhausted after that!  But it felt SO good!  I was worn out from the intensity, but the activity level was invigorating, and refreshing.  Yet again reminded of the question, “Why I have I ever let myself talk myself out of working out hard-core, or even at all?”  I also realized that since I haven’t done much running in the past few months, I have gotten slower again, so one of these days I’ll incorporate running back in on a regular basis, and focus on speeding up.  But that will be after the Walkabout. Ate well, but realized I should not have crackers in the house.  If I do, they will be eaten…  My action step for the day: start studying 5-7 health articles per week.

Tuesday–proved all the more that crackers will be eaten in this household.  I biked only 3 miles, but they were intense miles, as they were at an incline half the time.  After that, I finished off my workout with 22 minutes of circuit training, which included 200 jumping jacks!  Again, felt great after my workout.  I was stiff, afterwards, but in a good way.  Was reminded of muscles I forgot exist.  Ate well for the most part, again, except those darn crackers!  Action step: start eating oatmeal for breakfast most days, along with drinking green tea in the mornings.

Wednesday–not a great day.  Still quite sore from the day before (though that wasn’t a bad thing), but felt sick.  I didn’t take anything for feeling bad, but I felt like I had a cough-medicine buzz!  Slacked around a bit, trying to get some rest, and then when I was just settling in, I was asked to fill in for somebody on praise team at church.  So, that ended the rest.  I headed in and survived service, but was ready to collapse afterward.  And again with the crackers.  But, well…thus is life.  No action step.


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