Butt Butter Anybody?

Horse Buddy on my Walks
One of the horses along my walking route 🙂

I never thought I’d buy something referred to casually as “butt butter,” but, well, I have now.  Six tubes of it, with a tub on the way next Saturday.  Of course, as soon as I bought it, I just had to share the fact with friends from church, knowing they would totally get a kick out of it.  And they did.  One, in fact, almost choked on his salad at lunch today whilst giving what is known in our church as a “Maria Laugh.”  I think I accomplished my goal.  (Maria is an elderly lady from the church that has an extremely loud, distinct laugh that everyone knows, even if they don’t know her–so much so that when she retired, her office made an entire video focused on this laughter of hers and the trouble it gets her into constantly.)

In case you don’t know what butt butter is, it’s a lanolin cream/rub for the chamois inside bike shorts to help with painful friction issues caused by spending a lot of time on a narrow bike seat.  And let me tell you, I needed it Saturday!  I rode 16 miles for the first time in my life, and my tush let me know about it with a vengeance.  So, if you’ve got any long bike rides ahead, and you didn’t already know about Chamois or Butt Butter, go get you some!

Accomplishments and “feelings after” from this weekend+:

Thurs: Walked 6 miles, made friends with a new horse on the route (pictured above), and greeted more neighbors than usual, as more than normal were out working in their yards, etc.  Felt pretty good after the walk, though my hip adductors were pretty sore.  I suspect that partially comes from riding hills earlier this week (Mon.), and not stretching enough.  Hip flexors were a bit sore as well, though not as bad.  So thankful for the stretches I had learned these past few weeks to help with these sorts of pains!

Fri: Circuit trained in the moonlight!  This was fantastic, actually.  I have never been out in the darkness before, working out, and it was quite an interesting experience.  Living in the middle of the forest, one hears very different sounds in the darkness, like little shufflings of strange critter feet.  Not too bad this night though.  Was drained, but pushed through 45 minutes of training, including 350 jumping jacks, up 150 from last time I did them!  Talk about intense!  And, definitely have found that quoting my memory verses while doing the less intense workout moments helps significantly to keep the mind from playing games with me.  Felt sore and tired afterwards, but in a good way.  Starting to sleep better again, which is a huge bonus from the workouts.  Disappointment for the day: opened up my second set of weights and found that they, too, had a broken weight (sand-filled discs)!  Will be returning them this week and abandoning this brand at Wal-Mart.  Clearly Wally-World doesn’t handle this merchandise well.  Will investigate other options this week.

Sat: Got up at 7:30 and headed down to the St. Mark’s Rails-to-Trails bike trail on the south side of town.  Was hoping to meet up with a lady I met in the coffee shop on Tuesday, but she and her crew didn’t show up at 10 (or even by 10:27 when I took off), so I got peddling.  Hopefully she’ll show up some other time soon!  It felt great being on the trail in the morning, instead of afternoon.  Refreshing, bright, cheerful and warm.  I’m thankful that most people along the bike trail are friendly, though occasionally you meet a grouch.  Only one or two this day.  And, best of all, I did 16 miles for the first time in my life–and it felt great!  The way out was tougher, surprisingly, than the way back.  I thought I would have been more tired coming back, but I had more energy and stamina coming back.  So, well, that was good.

Sun: Day of rest!  Felt great to give the body a break.  Since I amped everything up this past week, my body was in desperate need of a slow day.  So, I ate too much just for fun.  Well, actually at “maintenance level” caloric in-take, which felt like way too much.  That’s a good sign, as apparently my appetite is shrinking.  Of course, drinking tons of water helps with that, too.

Action steps for this coming week:

1. Monday: start washing my face daily again, 2x.  This sounds strange, but I never had to wash my face until just before my 30th birthday this past November.  In fact, before then, if I washed my face, I’d break out with zits.  Now, however, things have changed, and I’m not in the habit of doing this regularly.  Need to be.

2. Tuesday: this is a private action step between my Lord and me (and two or three others that will keep me accountable on this).

3. Wednesday: Eat more slowly.  I tend to rush through food, and that causes me to eat more than I need or want, especially with starches.

4. Thursday: Try something new.  Well, not new, exactly.  I plan to add some hiking to my day.  I live in the forest, but I almost never enjoy the woodsy terrain surrounding my house.  I hit the road and wander through the lanes.  Why not don some sleeves, bug spray and a hat and traipse through the trees for some of those miles?

5. Friday: Increase daily water-intake to 14 8oz. glasses.  I’ve already been doing this on occasion, but it’s be time to crank it up to daily intake.

6. Saturday: Increase my biking mileage to 20 miles in one ride–and try out the butt butter!  We’ll see how this goes!


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