6 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Health And Personal Habits

I started early this morning. Early taking pic...
Image via Wikipedia--"Where's the Snooze Button?"

Self-discipline.  Ugh.  A word I hate.  Mainly, because I lack this attribute in some vital areas.  But lately, this has been the subject of too many conversations to ignore.  Ugh.  Conviction.  Hate it.  Yet love it.  (Need it.)

So, these are the questions I’m asking myself.  And, if you’re like me, lacking in the self-discipline area, you might want to ask yourself the same ones.

  1. What does my “pre-job” morning routine look like?  Does it reflect my main goals and priorities?  (If you don’t know what those are, make that your first question!)  What should it look like?
  2. Why do I eat what I do?  Is it for nutrition, indulgence, emotional bad habits?  What should I change about these habits, and how can I do that?
  3. Am I driven, motivated or lazy?  Do I push too hard or not hard enough?  Do I get the right amount of rest, both mental and physical?
  4. When I hit the snooze button the second time, is it because I’m truly tired, or because I’m lazy?  Or just “not a morning person”?
  5. What are three bad habits I need to cut out of my life?  How will I get rid of them? 
  6. And what are three good habits I need to have in my life?  How will I gain them?

Surely, there are many more questions to ask yourself in regards to self-discipline, but these make for a good starting point.  I’ve asked myself these things tonight.  And I’m not liking some of the answers.  Which tells me how much I really do need to ask them.  Fooey.  Guess that means I need to do something about that.  What about you?


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