The Walkabout Has Begun!

Training Ride
Training Ride--one of the last ones before heading out for the Walkabout

This first week of the Walkabout is slow.  Started off with a drive to Cape Canaveral, Florida where I had a meeting.  Then down to West Palm Beach area to stay with the bro while waiting for the next couple of meetings.  Had meeting #2 yesterday afternoon.  And tomorrow we drive down to the Keys.

This week I’ve only put in about 12 miles of walking/jogging.  And none on the bike.  Man am I looking forward to next week, biking around the Keys!

This coming week I’ll also be working on more ideas for travel workouts, since I don’t have my dumbbells with me.  Just bands and tubes.  I love a challenge, though.  I’ll also be searching for stairs everywhere I go, since I have joined this stair stepping challenge.  I’m currently in the lead on number of stairs and daily average, but I’m about to lose that edge because of the traveling…gotta find me some stairs to keep it up!  As I do these things, I’ll get back to adding some tips, etc.  And, I suspect, I’ll be adding some new healthy recipes this coming week, too, as we’re being housed in a little suite of our own.

In the meantime, keep up with staying active!


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