Fitness and Adventure Tip

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Now, for the tip: Explore Your Own City/Town

A hidden treasure in my own home town
A hidden treasure in my own home town

Okay, okay.  Some of you already know this.  But how many of us really go out on our own town and just walk, or bike, or jog?  Even small towns can be full of surprises.  My own is.  I have lived in a small town in Florida (off and on) since 1992, and until just recently, I had never seen over half of the place.  But I was able to walk through the town for hours, over nine miles, and see place after place I had never seen before.  I found stairs to climb.  Hills to hike.  Streets to meander.  And all these things helped me reach my fitness goals that day.

And now that I’m doing not only a stair stepping challenge, but a step challenge, I realize how much more I value this inexpensive little adventure opportunity.  I get bored easily.  The same scenery over and over, day after day, hardly excites anyone–even gorgeous sights.  And as I explore these new towns I’ve never been to before (or haven’t walked through), I realize how great an opportunity it is for all us of to discover a whole new adventurous world, right around the corner.  So, go climb that lighthouse.  Or jog that hill.  Or bike that lane.  In your own town.  You don’t need to spend money to get to some far off, exciting place.  You’ve got one of your own!  And don’t forget your camera–bring back some prizes as you get to know your own hometown.


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