28 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Decided to post a useful entry today: how to boost your metabolism.  I’m still learning stuff on this, and there is, of course, some controversy.  Some say metabolism is the problem, others say that a very tiny amount of people actually have problems with it.  Either way, here are tips I’ve picked up from a… Continue reading 28 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Accomplishments and Goals for June 2

  I completed all my action steps yesterday.  They were all fairly easy, which is always a nice way to start–it meant I could complete them, and that felt good. For my new challenges on Sports Tribe, I selected several (quite a lot more than the minimum 3), including several that build on each other. … Continue reading Accomplishments and Goals for June 2

Absentee No More

All right, all right.  I hear you.  I’ve been absent for weeks.  My apologies.  I tend to get overwhelmed with life and have let that affect my posting, keeping up with my fitness goals, etc.  I am still walking and biking and jogging a lot (I am still doing More Than a Walkabout, after all!),… Continue reading Absentee No More