Absentee No More

Biking Down in Key West, FL
Biking Down in Key West, FL

All right, all right.  I hear you.  I’ve been absent for weeks.  My apologies.  I tend to get overwhelmed with life and have let that affect my posting, keeping up with my fitness goals, etc.  I am still walking and biking and jogging a lot (I am still doing More Than a Walkabout, after all!), but I’ve let the other things slip.

First, before I go into my little rant for the day, I thought I’d give a brief update on More Than a Walkabout.

Thus far, I have jogged a whopping 4 miles these two months.  Woohoo, I know.  Shh.  It does get better!  I have walked 259.4 miles.  And I have biked 167.3 miles, for a grand total of 430.7 miles since beginning this 1200 mile journey on April 3.  I have journeyed from Key West to Daytona Beach, FL (approx.) under my own power.  The last three and a half weeks, however, I have either been sick in bed (yay for ear infections and sinus infections and antibiotics that make me want to hurl–not!), or on vacation visiting family.  Of course, I’ve also biked a little and walked a bit (and even got the bro, sis-in-law and nephews in on it), but, well, yeah.  Nothing like normal!  To view photos and anecdotes, check out my other blog: An Ordinary Heart Unveiled.

Now, on to today’s thoughts.

I have not done well with my goals (other than just making distance most days), greatly due to the fact that I haven’t looked at them regularly, and haven’t been accountable or intentional about meeting them: ie, I’ve been lazy.  And unorganized.  And today when I had a few spare moments, I decided to look at some of my fitness goals and charts, etc., and I realized I hadn’t even remembered half of those goals existed!  Says a lot for my memory, eh?

So, I decided to get back into my daily actions steps, and write out my goals in my notebook so I have a hard copy as well as the electronic one that I don’t have access to more than half the time while I’m continuing this Walkabout.

My walking and stair stepping challenges have gone on hiatus, so though I’ve kept track of my steps and stairs, I have found another way to stay up on fresh new fitness and health challenges: Tribe Sports.  This nifty little site isn’t as extensive in some areas (such as I have yet to find a food diary or workout calendar, etc.), but it provides a great worldwide community of people challenging each other in all things fitness/health related.  From specific events to virtual challenges, attitude adjustment goals and posting on each other’s walls, the challenges encourage a worldwide community of getting fit and staying healthy doing the sports and activities you love.  I highly recommend joining the site and taking on fresh new challenges each week, just to keep things interesting.

So, today’s action steps:

1. Re-start the food diary (phone app, if not online)
2. Hand-write my goals in my fitness journal and review them daily.
3. Select 3 new short challenges on Tribe Sports (ones that can be completed in 1 week’s time, and practical for touring).
4. Re-commit to blogging at least twice a week–daily when possible–including accomplishments journal.

Sunset in Key West, FL
Sunset in Key West, FL

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