Accomplishments and Goals for June 2


I completed all my action steps yesterday.  They were all fairly easy, which is always a nice way to start–it meant I could complete them, and that felt good.

For my new challenges on Sports Tribe, I selected several (quite a lot more than the minimum 3), including several that build on each other.  Such as a small number of push-ups, followed by a larger, then a larger…as well as at least one “attitude” one, a couple of long-term ones, some nutrition related ones, and some other “easy” one that I can complete in a week, when the time is right.  The challenges I am for sure working on this month include walking 10,000 steps minimum every day in June (which would also complete another challenge), Walk 50km (31.25 miles) in June, Measure it and Improve it (distance, size, speed, whatever)–starting this month, food diary challenge (keep one for 3 weeks), and start working on the “run for 30 minute solid without walking” challenge, and drink 2 liters of water a day (for a month).  Some of these I “almost” meet normally, but doing the challenges will help guarantee actually meeting these goals on a more long-term basis.

Today, I have met the water, walking, measuring, and food diary (sort of–we went to a festival and shared a bunch of foods, no idea how to enter the data!) challenge goals for the day.  This coming week, however, I intend to meet the short-term challenge of Touching toes, palms flat to floor (one-off challenge), 30 second plank (one-off), & climb a 20 storey building (one-off), if possible.

I was hoping to post more, but it’s time to shower and hit the hay so I get in enough sleep to be well rested for church tomorrow.  G’night world!


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