All Right…Time for Some Goals for 2013

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Yes, I’ve been absent a while.  Life has been crazy with doing shows, starting a new business, finishing up the editing of my book and getting it published!  But now I’ve got some time again, and lots of new goals for the year, so it’s time to get back on this blogging thing.  Hope you’ll join me in keeping up with goals for the year (not resolutions–those are for breaking, while goals are for meeting!).

This year, my words are “discipline” and “hope.”  And so all of my goals, fitness/wellness and otherwise, are based upon these two words.  Here’s my list of fitness/wellness goals for the year.

  1. Get into proper/good sleep, meal, fitness and work habits (I work from home, which makes it very difficult to stick to a schedule).  Each month, I will add a different focus for this, to make the habits become habits, not merely goals.  I’ll share as I set these.
  2. Walk/bike/run/whatever else 100 miles between December 25 and February 14.  (I have already gone 22.55 miles, so I’m feeling pretty confident with this one.)
  3. Reincorporate strength training into my weekly work-outs.  (Still deciding between 2 or 3 times week–though I’ll build up to 3, if that winds up being the goal.)
  4. Be back up to drinking 130 oz. of water daily by the end of January, maintaining that throughout the whole year.
  5. Daily track my sleeping, eating, hydration and fitness patterns, even if all I say is “ran 2.0 miles today in 16 minutes.”
  6. Run my first organized 1/2 Marathon, if I am able to register in time for one (I move around a lot, so I don’t know when/where I’ll be at any given moment!)
  7. Complete 30+ active challenges per month on
  8. Write 365 blog posts throughout year, across my various blogs, on my various disciplines and arts.  (That means, my goal is to be more consistent on here.)
  9. Get back into adding on some action steps weekly.

While some of the deadlines for meeting goals are a little vague, I will solidify them as I am able.  Will post them, as well as the progress on here, along with many other things.


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