Action Step #1 for 2013

Agenda (Photo credit: Jim Ceballos)

All right, so in order to get these goals met this year, I’ve decided to go back to adding in action steps along my journey.  I will not go crazy and try to add 4 or 5 a week, like I did last year (and kept for a while before burn out!), but, instead 2 per week, tops.  1 on-going step only per week, and 1 one-time step.

And my specific goals for January are focused on the scheduling aspects of my life, so the actions steps this month will reflect those goals.

This week’s action step is simple: create a simple, basic plan for every day activities that need to be met.  No more than 10 goals for each day, and can vary day to day or week to week, based upon outside-the-home schedule.  These ten items will include the following:

  1. Getting to bed at a proper time (that time fluctuates based upon needs)
  2. practicing guitar
  3. eating within a time-frame (be it first thing when I get  up and not later than 3 hours before my bedtime, or some other thing, like intermittent fasting)
  4. work hours & tasks
  5. work-out
  6. writing time (my novels, as well as blogging time)
  7. various missions tasks
  8. drinking enough water
  9. Bible study/prayer time/memorization
  10. any one specific task or goal for that day (cleaning a certain part of the house, packing up Christmas decor, packing boxes for the move, etc.)

What about you? Making any action steps this year? How are you planning to meet your goals for fitness and wellness?


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