Action Step #2 for 2013: Reboot My Hydration

A Green Planet water bottle, made from vegetab...
A Green Planet water bottle, made from vegetable oil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alright.  So it’s well into the second week of 2013.  And my hydration is something I need to boost levels on.  Sometimes, for months at a time, I really do well with this one.  But lately, I have not at all.  So, it’s time to focus on this.  Drinking enough water will also help with other health and wellness goals for  the year as well, so I figured, why not now?

First off, the amount of hydration that I need for a normal day needs to be estimated.  According to the hydration calculator on (which lines up pretty well with everything I’ve read on nutrition/hydration, etc.), I need to consume approximately 102 ounces on a normal day in which I exercise 33 minutes.  The more time I’m active, the more hydration I need, of course.  And because I am also trying to lose some weight still, I boost the water intake a bit more.  So, I’m adding in another 18 ounces.  So, if I aim for 120 ounces daily (15 8oz. glasses of water), I should be in good shape.  If I only hit 112 ounces, I’m probably okay as well.  So, that’s the goal–14 to 15 glasses of water every day.

And how I’m going to help myself with this includes these ideas:

  • Continue carrying around a water bottle, EVERYWHERE
  • Always have two full glasses of water at my desk (refill immediately upon drinking them both)
  • Decrease the caffeinated teas that I drink to 1 a day
  • Drink 1 glass of water immediately after rising in the morning
  • Drink 1 glass of water before every meal
  • Drink 32oz. water right after every work-out to rehydrate

Those should help.  They have in the past.  The trick, of course, is keeping this up forever out…

So, cumulative action steps for the year:

  1. Schedule time better (sleeping, meals, work, workouts, writing, guitar practice, etc.)–which is going better, but still not tip-top yet
  2. Drink 14-15 8oz. glasses of water daily

What are you doing to improve your health and meet your goals for the year?


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