Action Step #3 for 2013–Reps to Songs

Buffalo Springfield, left to right: Stephen St...
Buffalo Springfield, left to right: Stephen Stills, Dewey Martin, Bruce Palmer, Richie Furay, Neil Young (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m posting this one early this week.  Been enjoying (and hating) this action step since I implemented it yesterday after church.

On my account, I have several challenges to log a certain number of reps of given exercises during the month of January.  While it doesn’t take much for me to do them, it does take a bit for me to set aside the time to do them.  So my action step this week is to pick 5-10 artists/bands that I listen to a lot daily and assign an exercise to them.  I alternate which exercises apply to them each day, to make sure I give my muscles a day off in between.  Then, for each song I hear by that given artist/band, I do five reps or 10 seconds for a timed rep.

Today, for example, it goes as follows:

Tomorrow, I’ll switch artists/bands and go with lower body exercises per song.  I plan to keep this up for the rest of January, but may do it on-going as well.  In fact, this could be a great work-out idea.  As I build to being able to do larger numbers of reps of a given exercise, it’s limited, but it could be that when I do strength training, I could pick an artist, and say for every song that comes on during my workout session, I do as many of the given reps as I can.  Could be fun…we’ll see if I do that.


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