Action Step #4 in 2013–Sing While I Run

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A couple of months ago, I did a challenge on to sing while running.  For a normal runner, this is challenging, but for an asthmatic, even tougher.  However, I discovered that it actually helped me pace myself while running way better!  During uni (college), I had a running buddy, and we talked the entire time we ran, even if we did 5 or 10 miles.  That helped me regulate my breathing back then.  But I don’t have a running buddy any more.  And I live in the sticks, so there’s nobody going to come out and join me…and I don’t want to spend all the time and gas money to drive to the other side of the city to meet up with someone for a 30 minute run.  Y’know?

So, this week’s action step is to start singing while running on a regular basis, to help me regulate my breathing better.  Crank up the tunes, and sing it out…yes, it will sound awful (and I AM a singer) because of the bouncing and jostling and weird asthmatic breathing, but who cares?  Get over it, self.  Running helps with singing, and singing while running actually helps with singing normally as well (as it builds stamina of the lungs for singing).  Can’t lose anything besides my breath.


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  1. Wild Juggler says:

    Now that is impressive! I try to do this sometimes, but I can’t carry a tune and I often run so fast I can’t even talk, never mind sing. Much more often, I hum, besides the other things I do while running to make it more challenging.

    Maybe you will start a new trend, and you can call it sringing? Runsing? I have no clue.

    1. RitaJuanita says:

      Haha! Love it. Runsing…sringing…srunning…runsinging…haha. We’ll keep working on it. 😉 And, actually, the reason it helps me so much is that I run too fast for my own good…with asthma, I tend to run out of energy quicker because of running too fast. But if I sing or talk while running, I am forced to keep a slower pace, which helps me not pass out. haha

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