Action Step #6–Take Better Care of My Smile

Lëtzebuergesch: Sujet: Zännseid.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been insanely busy and unable to post, but thought it was time to toss up the next several action steps I have been working on.

So, here we go!

Action Step #6–Take Better Care of My Smile

During high school and college/university, I took great care of my teeth, gums and tongue.  However, I haven’t been doing so hot with that in recent years.  So I decided in February that it was time to change that.  Now I am doing several things to improve the health of my health, which will also benefit my heart health (brushing, flossing and rinsing properly and regularly can actually help prevent heart disease because of removing dangerous bacteria from the mouth that gets flushed down with food/beverage consumption).

So, I’m doing these things:

  1. Use mouthwash and dental floss every time I brush
  2. Brush after every meal and before bed (yes, four times a day is a lot, but my health is more important than slight inconvenience and minor expense!)
  3. Brush with baking soda on a fairly regular basis for whitening (straight up baking soda tastes horrible, but it works!

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