Action Step #10 in 2013–Set a Specific Distance Goal

56/365 morning run
(Photo credit: kharied)

Currently, I run 5k fairly easily.  I do have to stop for walk an extra mile or so for breathers in between with this high altitude and all, but, yeah.  I run 5k and walk about 1.8 miles on the same running session.

But it’s time to set a specific distance goal.  And, that goal is 12k.  Why 12k?  Because there’s a race that distance that I think I can train for in time to do, here in Guatemala before I head back to the States in April or May.

So, how shall I do it?

  1. Sign up for the 12k
  2. Keep up 5k runs until I can run that distance without breaking (should take me about a week to get there, assuming I run 4-5 times)
  3. Increase distance covered each run, even if not running 5k solid (in other words, run 5k, and add 1k walking per session, gradually increasing my running distances as well once I’ve adapted to the higher altitude)
  4. Then increase run distances after I’ve adjusted, adding 1-3 minutes running time/distance each run
  5. Run the 12k!

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