Action Step #9–Keep Updated With my Workout Buddy


Recently, I gained a fantastic workout buddy.  She’s as enthusiastic about working out as I am, even if she’s not quite up as far in fitness levels as I am.  I’ve been working at it longer, so it’s not a surprise.  But she says it motivates her more, trying to catch up to me.   And that motivates me to stay up, too.  So, it’s a mutually beneficial thing.

Unfortunately, we only connected about 1 month before I came down to Guatemala!  So…that presented a new problem: keeping updated with her on things.

And I don’t want to lose the push to stay active (not that I have much of a choice here, not having a car, and being too cheap to take taxis and tuk-tuks everywhere).  And I want to keep training, etc., but sometimes need that push.  So… this is my next action step–to stay updated with Celina.  And here’s how.

  1. Check in on a weekly basis with the goals for the week
  2. Execute the plan for the week!
  3. Participate in challenges together
  4. Check in basically every day (or every other day, depending) with our progress for the week
  5. Share ideas regularly about improving work outs, things we learn, etc.

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