Run Through Antigua or Urban Adventure Race?

So on my second run through Antigua (Guatemala) today, it felt more like I was on an urban adventure ran than a jog through a busy city!  I had to hurdle constructions barriers, jump off 3 and 4 foot sidewalks and the like, dodge blind old men on bicycles, hop out of the way of tuk-tuks and chicken buses… Yep.  But, hey.  At least people were laughing at my Vibram Five-Finger shoes and my striped socks instead of the fact that I was running through congested areas… 😉

Here are a few photos from my run through town today (sorry they’re kind of crappy…all I had was my lousy camera phone, and I was bit busy while taking them…)

IMG_20130305_104724 IMG_20130305_104848 IMG_20130305_105202 IMG_20130305_105426 IMG_20130305_110114 IMG_20130305_110300 IMG_20130305_111245 IMG_20130305_112629 IMG_20130305_112708 IMG_20130305_112840 IMG_20130305_113108 IMG_20130305_113116


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