The cross above the city of Antigua--my "destination" on my last run
The cross above the city of Antigua–my “destination” on my last run

Well, I have certainly amped up my running since arrival in Guatemala.  I started taking a thermogenic (I write health and fitness product reviews and found a few supplements I decided to give a try!), and found that I had insane energy.  In one week’s time, I went from running 5k (the longest I had run in years) to 10k.  In 40:04.  Which is under 7 minutes per mile.  A bit crazy.

Unfortunately, the cobblestones and broken sidewalks here have caused me to injure myself.  I have a bad right heel as it is, so the rough and/or sharp surfaces hurt enough that I didn’t run with proper form one day and managed to injure the joint of my foot (you know, the center part of your foot over the arch–the one you didn’t even know WAS a joint).  So, now I’m stuck in a city where one must walk or run everywhere, and in extreme pain every time I do.  Oh, joy.

But, on the bright side, I wanted to concentrate my efforts on toning up my arms and abs while I’m here, so I’m going to do that.  I found some great body weight exercises on (I don’t have any equipment or even resistance bands!), and have added some other body weight challenges to my account.  And, since I can’t go running, I’m taking some nutritional challenges to help keep my eating in check.  And I’ve tried some of these before and failed, so I’m going to post more often as I keep up on these–that darned accountability.  Thankfully, I have a really close friend who is as into fitness and health as I am, so I’m checking in with her pretty much daily, too, on this.  Helps a lot!

With these things in mind, my next several action steps will reflect home work-out, etc.


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