Action Step #11–Plan the “Perfect” Workout for My Injury

Injury (Photo credit: Uninen)


If you didn’t read my last post, you don’t know that I totally messed myself up.  But, I did.  Injured the joint of my right foot, and now I can’t run (which is driving me totally crazy!  I had gotten up to 10k running from 5k in one week!).

But I refuse to stay still!  So, now it’s time to get moving on my muscle toning goals while here in Antigua, Guatemala.  And, therefore, that’s my next action step: Plan the “Perfect” Workout for my current injury.

  1. Research exercises that require little or no weight bearing on both feet (aka, one-legged push ups, one-legged planks, modified squats, etc.)
  2. Choose which ones to do–ones that will help with my abs & arms toning exercises
  3. Be sure to do these exercises for enough time each day to get my heart-rate up since I cannot do cardio (no pool, no bike, no gym for a row machine, etc.)
  4. Find more challenges that focus on these exercises
  5. Regularly test my foot to see how it’s doing with weight-bearing, etc.
  6. Soak my foot often (should help with the pain and swelling without having to take pain killers)
  7. Prop my foot up and treat with alternating heat/ice on a regular basis (daily, if not more often)
  8. Don’t push it!

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