Action Step #12–Modify My Diet During My Injury

Fruit & Veggie Explosion
Fruit & Veggie Explosion (Photo credit: mark_am_kramer)


Since I’m stuck NOT running for the next while, I must modify the way that I eat.  Sure, I’ll still be exercising through my non weight-bearing body-weight exercises, but that’s just not the same as cardio AND strength training.  So…time to modify the diet.  Ugh.

  1. Find some challenges on to help keep me in check on these things (such as no added sugar in my tea–ugh!!!)
  2. Keep a food diary daily, including snacks, meals, nibbles, beverages, etc.
  3. Check-in with fitness accountability partner on my consumption levels, etc.
  4. Consume fewer calories than normal, since I’m not burning off hundreds of calories running!
  5. Skip the junk that normally is “okay” while running (as in dark chocolate and more yogurt than is necessary!–I don’t eat starch anyway [so no chips or bread])
  6. Adjust the supplement in-take to help cover the needs for a recovery from injury
  7. Lower caffeine in-take since I’m not running to burn off the energy!
  8. Boost the water in-take even more!

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