Action Step #13–Reps a Day Goal

English: Winterhalter does a one-armed pushup ...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Well, especially while I’m laid up with an injury, doing some weight training is important.  And I’ve been slacking a bit on these, so I’ve decided to make that my next action step: work towards 300 reps a day (minus 1 day off a week).  Right now, in Guatemala, that means all of my reps are body-weight only, as I don’t have any weights (though it turns out I do have two resistance bands, a short and a medium length).  Every other day I focus on a different section of my body.  So, here goes.

  1. Daily plan the reps to songs based upon target area of body for the day (one day will be upper body, the other day will be core/lower body)
  2. Choose exercise reps that will be most effective in working the targeted muscles (such as push ups, resisted lateral lifts, chair dips for upper body)
  3. Assign the reps daily to artists
  4. Do the reps–a minimum of 300 daily (recognizing that it will take a little time to make this a habit, instead of just goal to make sometime…)
  5. Log the reps on

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