Action Step #14–Take a Hike!

Hiking Gear
Hiking Gear (Photo credit: weiglen)


This week’s action step should be an easy, fun, one-off one…take a hike!  I’m in Central America, my foot has healed at last (but I don’t want to risk re-injury through running), and I’m ONLY going to be here for a couple more days before hitting the bus route to get to Panama from where I will fly back to the States.

And all along, I’ve planned to go hiking…well.  Today is the day to DO it.  I can’t go in the morning (it’s, um, past noon already anyway as I post this), nor can I wait until evening when it’s cooler.  So, it’s after lunch or never.  Since I don’t like the option of “never” I’m doing after lunch…

The steps on this one are pretty easy, but I’ll list them anyway.

  1. Pick a mountain to hike.  There are 21+ peaks nearby, so I have lots of options
  2. Gear up with proper attire (including sunblock), water bottles, gloves (in case I need to do some hand-over-hand climbing somewhere along the way), and a snack (nuts)
  3. Head out before it’s too late, to ensure I return home before dark

There you have it.  The three easy steps to this one-off action step.

Now, to get geared up and go pick my mother up from language school one last time…


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