Hike it, Gringa!

So, I set out this afternoon, determined to get to the top of a mountain nearby.  And I did 2.5 hours later.  Whew…6 miles one way.  UP the mountain for 6 miles!  That’s kinda crazy for this Florida (flatland) girl!  But, I did it!  And here’s some photographic proof…  Enjoy!

DSCN7845 DSCN7855 DSCN7865 DSCN7871 DSCN7880 DSCN7882 DSCN7886 DSCN7891 DSCN7895 DSCN7899 DSCN7909 DSCN7920 DSCN7924 DSCN7926 DSCN7929 DSCN7934 DSCN7936 DSCN7947 DSCN7952 DSCN7955 DSCN7965 DSCN7968


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