Action Step #16–Get Back to the Gym

Gym (Photo credit: ivywoodavenue)




When in Guatemala and the rest of Central America, I didn’t exactly have a gym available to me.  But, now that I’m back in Tallahassee, my close friend here has a membership I can share…so, I gotta take advantage when I’m in town!  So far, so good.  We’ve gone once in the  4 days I’ve been back, and have plans to go tonight.  So, yes…getting back to the gym and staying there is the goal!


  1. Keep up with Celina on her schedule each week to plan gym dates
  2. GO to the gym!
  3. Keep to the trails during daylight hours to keep the gym less of a burden (I hate being indoors and treadmills!)
  4. Take challenges on Tribesports that focus on gym workouts
  5. Reward myself for getting to the gym (with non-food and non-costly rewards, like a new trail to run, or a movie night with Celina or Kristin, or…)



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