Action Step #17–Plan Some Fun Fitness Outings

Kayak (Photo credit: Iguanasan)

While being in Central America, I realized how much I really do prefer being outdoors, and trying new things.  So…that’s a goal: plan fun outings for fitness.

  1. Pick multiple activities I love doing or would like to try
  2. Pick several nearby locations (within 3 hours’ drive) to take day trips for fitness outings with friends where those activities can be done (like beach running, kayaking, caving/potholing, canoeing, swimming)
  3. Invite friends to go
  4. Ask them to invite their friends to make it even more fun
  5. Plan at least one a month, especially as summer approaches
  6. Ask friends to help plan and suggest outings and locations
  7. Go do them!

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