Action Step # 18–Commit to A Half-Marathon Training Plan

Longford AC Race Series 2011 - Half Marathon -...
Longford AC Race Series 2011 – Half Marathon – July 2011 (Photo credit: Peter Mooney)

All right, so I am one of those people who needs a solid goal to meet, else I wander about aimlessly, accomplishing little.  It was time to get going on something, since my running was intermittent and sporadic.  So, I have committed to training for a half-marathon at last.  I don’t know which one I’ll manage to run, but, I’ll be ready for it!

  1. Pick a plan with a reasonable time-frame and schedule that lines up with my current running fitness level
  2. Make adjustments to my plan to fit my crazy schedule
  3. Gradually wake up earlier and earlier as mile distances increase
  4. Continue with the thermogenic supplement to help keep up the energy and focus for my training runs’
  5. Keep to it with the fun outings with friends, gym sessions with Celina, etc.
  6. Daily log into my training sites and keep up on challenges and program goals
  7. Keep a training journal–keeping track of times, distances, routes, weather, etc.
  8. Pick a half-marathon to run sometime soon (I’m on a 10-week training program, which I may expand to fourteen weeks, to make it a full running plan instead of run/walk)

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