Action Step #19–Expand My Training Types

English: Fighting Fitness is the ultimate 30 m...
English: Fighting Fitness is the ultimate 30 minute workout that combines MMA conditioning exercises and fight techniques. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So, I do a lot of running and walking and a fair bit of Ultimate, hiking and weight training.  But…I need some expansion.  So now my workout buddy and I are expanding to DVD workouts.  I love dance (and so does she), so we’re going with some of those.  I know I’ve got some good DVDs to start us out on…but I think we want some others, too.  So, that’s the next step: figure out what else we can do on a low-budget to expand our cross training sessions.

  1. Sort through our DVDs for some variety in dance workouts, varied strength training workouts, etc.
  2. Consider purchasing one or two other workout DVDs to expand our options
  3. Join or create some local fitness groups that will get me playing more sports and having more social interaction (working from home doesn’t really provide much companionship!)
  4. Get creative with home equipment and stuff at the gym–instead of always running/walking on the treadmill, try out some of the other cardio machines
  5. Get back on my bike!
  6. Possibly find some outdoor fitness equipment to use
  7. Look online for more ideas for workout options that don’t require fees or much equipment.

Those, in combination with outings with friends and the stuff I’m doing currently should make workouts better and more fun…


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