Action Step #20–Try Homemade Flavored Water

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Okay, so you’ve probably seen the recipes for flavored waters on Pinterest.  I have successfully ignored them for months now.  But recently, my workout buddy convinced me to try some.  So, here’s what I’m doing to increase my water in-take, especially during my half-marathon training and the hot months of summer in Florida!

  1. Spare half an hour to look on Pinterest for flavored waters I can make
  2. Re-pin several recipes for my own benefit
  3. Try at least one new flavor per week for a while (maybe through the end of July)

Pretty simple.  But these should help increase my hydration even more.  The fruits and veggies and herbs will boost immune health, too…can’t beat that!

P.S. I’ll add the recipes I try and let you know my thoughts.


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