Action Step #24 for 2013–Eat More Yogurt

English: Aloe vera yogurt
English: Aloe vera yogurt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While in Central America, I discovered that I really do feel better when I eat more yogurt.  And lately, I’ve seen some studies and articles on the benefits of eating a lot of yogurt every day in helping to cut belly fat and keeping the digestive system regulated.  Nothing fancy is needed.  Just plain old yogurt.  Or vanilla.  Or fruit.  Or Greek.  Doesn’t matter.  The active cultures in all yogurt helps.  I might recommend tossing in one with probiotic once a week, as well, just to help that digestive system health.

Since I started eating 16 ounces of yogurt daily (only about a week ago), I have felt better, gotten more calcium (needed for my long runs as well as general health) and actually been less bloated and gotten off of my fat-loss plateau.  So, yeah…highly recommended!

Tips for improving plain yogurt:

  1. Increase protein by adding 1-3 tablespoons of natural/organic peanut butter
  2. For a dessert like treat without even as much sugar, toss that peanut butter yogurt mix into the freezer for an hour or two
  3. Add raw honey
  4. Add frozen fruit (go for the no sugar added–tastes so much better and is healthier!)
  5. For healthy oil and cholesterol fighting power, add freshly ground flax-seed (1 tablespoon to start, building to 2 or 3 once your system can handle the “regulation” of your system)
  6. Add a handful of walnuts (I crush them in my hands before tossing in)
  7. Even yummier, add the walnuts and raw honey
  8. Or add unusual options like a little aloe vera juice, orange juice (just a hint or the texture won’t be very nice), and other unsweetened juices (I don’t recommend lemon or lime, though, as they make the yogurt curdle a bit)



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