Action Step #25–Find Some Mid-Year Motivation

Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit (Photo credit: San Diego Shooter)


All right, so that mid-year mark has come and gone…and now I’m struggling to keep active as much.  I still love my Ultimate on Sundays, and keep it as a priority in my schedule, BUT my running has slacked off a bit.  I had to cut back from the half-marathon training because of the heat and loss of time (4 hours in one day, plus all the hours the rest of the week was too much with 1 full-time job, 2 part-time jobs, and 1 20 hour a week production, not to mention sleep, eating, band practice, and…and…and…).


But the last three weeks, I’ve barely run at all.  So I wound up losing motivation for running altogether.


But last night I discovered my motivation for the next few months while I’m still so slammed for time.  In the show I’m directing, I’m playing a slinky, skinny lounge singer (a Jessica Rabbit type).  And I don’t like my arms…so, yeah…here we go!


Steps to get back in:


  1. Have my two workout buddies keep me accountable
  2. Decide on the basic plan for the next two & a half months (until the end of the show)
  3. Weekly give the plan for the up-coming week on workouts (how many times I’ll run, body-weight exercises, etc.)
  4. Stick with my food diary
  5. Stick with my health supplements
  6. Stick with my water in-take
  7. Take a break from Tribesports, except to log my running, etc.  ABSOLUTELY NO site skimming (wasting time)



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