Action Step #26–Tailor My Workout to My Goals and Insane Schedule

Because things are constantly changing in life, I have to take workout changes and goals in stride, as well.  So, it’s time to adjust.

56/365 morning run
56/365 morning run (Photo credit: kharied)

I work 60-80 hours a week between my paying jobs and my volunteer work.  That leaves me between 32 & 52 hours a week (beyond sleep time) to memorize lines, relax, play Ultimate on Sundays, run errands and workout.  Not a lot of time…

So right now, I have to find an intense, but short workout that I can implement into my routine for the next 9-12 weeks, without wasting time (and gas) by driving across town to the gym.  At least I can easily run around this neighborhood without any issues.  The weight-training, however, is sorely lacking…but, I’ll make due.  Body-weight training can be effective, especially when adding resistance bands.

So the plan is:

  1. Run 3-5 miles 5 times a week (M-F)
  2. Play Ultimate 1 time weekly (Sundays)
  3. Body-weight training after my run (M,W,F)–focusing on squats, tricep dips, pushups and some resistance band sandbag type exercises

We’ll see how we do…


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