Action Step #27–New City, New Fitness Plan

Ultimate Frisbee
Ultimate Frisbee (Photo credit: Stripy T-Shirt)


I am about to move out of the city in which I grew up.  I have been here off and on for 20+ years, but I’m officially moving away at the end of the month.  And that means it will be time to find some new running routes!  I’m thrilled about that, actually.  I get bored rather easily, so living in an actual city should provide a great opportunity for that.  And, in fact, feeling safe going out at most times of day or night is one of my requirements for where I find housing in my new city.  I don’t want to have to drive somewhere to feel safe going out for a run.


So, before I move, I’m going to begin looking into parks, safe routes surrounding my new home, etc., for running/walking/whatever.  I’ll also investigate hiking trails, gyms and more in the new city.  I am looking into groups for Ultimate (I love my Ultimate!), people in my new city (for fitness meet ups), places to kayak/canoe, and the other fitness and outdoor activities I want to keep up or get into.  I’m kind of getting a fresh start on life, so it seems like a good time to add in some new activities for my life.  I’ve wanted to get into climbing, kayaking, backpacking and other things for the first time or again…seems like the perfect time for that, right?  Besides, doing those things will get me connected to new people.


So the steps:


  • look up parks near my apartment
  • look at the map showing my apartment and surrounding neighborhoods for training routes
  • join several groups on
  • find “neighbors” on for workout buddies and new friends
  • look into budget gyms in my new city
  • look into climbing walls, etc.
  • look into kayaking/canoeing options in the new city
  • join a running club
  • find a great bike path
  • find an Ultimate group
  • find hiking trails nearby



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