Action Step #28–Choose My Habits Wisely

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Making Sun Tea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New beginnings are great times to choose which habits to hold onto and which to chuck out the moving van window.  And since I’m in that place right now (literally sorting and packing stuff up for the new phase of my life), I decided when I woke up this morning that it’s time to chuck the bad habits and build in the good ones.

So, I’m going through a list of habits in my life that I have and marking through the ones I want to get rid of.  And which ones I’d like to maintain.  And another list of good habits I’d like to add into my life and routine.

Here is a list of the less embarrassing ones I’ll be adding in/maintaining/eliminating:

  • Make sun tea first thing in the morning
  • Meal plan for every week (helps with budgeting and food prep)
  • Wash dishes immediately after every meal, instead of waiting an hour
  • Plan a consistent running schedule (changes again after I have that job)
  • Never lazily drop stuff in the corner at the end of the day when I get home—always put everything away
  • Get dressed on lazy days, too
  • Journal daily—even if it’s just to say “not much happened today”
  • Only go onto Pinterest, Facebook, etc. when checking in with people, uploading pictures, etc. or looking for something specific
  • Get back into keeping a caloric diary
  • Log into daily, but only long enough to update on-going challenges or to find a maximum of 10 new challenges to work on
  • Establish a regular guitar practice schedule
  • Establish a regular writing schedule (not just for NaNoWriMo!)
  • Stick to my action steps planned throughout this year (and years to come)
  • Drink less tea when I am unable to brush my teeth immediately afterwards
  • Wear makeup to church, etc. if on the platform for choir or praise team, etc.
  • Take at least one photo per week (of something other than a new recipe)
  • Maintain daily Bible study, prayer and Bible verse memorization/quoting to accountability partner
  • Maintain my nicer dressing habits (instead of being such a sporty tomboy all the time)

There are surely more…but this is a good start.


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