Action Step #32–Keep Everything Neat and Tidy

the self made bed
the self-made bed (Photo credit: joejukes)

Well, once all the clutter is gone (only a week or two away!), the plan is to then keep everything neat and tidy.  No procrastinating on putting things away, washing dishes later, etc., etc., etc.  So, here’s the basic plan:

Before moving:

  • Daily clean up the space I live in now
  • Daily pick up everything after sorting/packing is done for the day
  • Wash dishes immediately after meals (well, once pots and pans have cooled enough), instead of waiting ’til later
  • Put clean dishes away as soon as dry, instead of waiting for next round of dishes gets washed
  • Keep counters cleared, except while in use
  • Twice weekly take all trash and goods not worth donating out to curb for disposal
  • Daily make bed instead of being lazy about it

After moving:

  • Immediately unpack everything, not keeping things in boxes
  • Put all good china and seasonal items into storage/cabinets
  • Nightly do a “room” reset (or apartment, as needed)–putting everything back in its place before bed
  • Do some DIY home organization and decorating projects to make the new place seem more like home
  • Always clean up after every project, same day as working on project
  • Continue good habits with dishes
  • Continue goo habits with other things (making bed daily, etc.)

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