Action Step #34–Don’t Download Any New Books

Pastor Bob Wells
Pastor Bob Wells at Christtown Ministries

I love to read.  Nutrition books. Murder mysteries. Classics. Suspense. Thriller. Spiritual inspiration. Fitness books. Even the occasional chick lit.  But now my Nook has about 500 books on it, and my Kindle for PC has 1,000 or more.  Not to mention the 1,000 volumes of hard copy books that I’ve got in boxes waiting for the move.

So, I think it’s time to cut back.  Well, not cut back necessarily, but to stop downloading more and more.  It’s feeding that materialism and junk collecting gene in me.  So, no more downloading books until I’ve read at least 2/5 of the books I’ve got on Nook, and 1/2 of the books on Kindle.  And time to purge some of the books in boxes, too.  That’s happening tomorrow when I pull all 20-30 boxes out of the shed and give away, give away, give away!  I’m so glad I have a great place to donate them:  A great ministry where I know the pastor and his family, and who they reach out to.



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